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Nothing related to WeCash, just an advert :)

How to install (without cable)

If your mobile has a wap access, you may use euploader.com to install WeCash! directly from internet!
  • Download WeCash! on your computer: you obtain a file named wecash.jar
  • Go to euploader.com (it's sometime a bit slow, be patient)
  • Click the "browse" button, and select the file wecash.jar
  • Click the "upload" button
  • After a while, you are given two codes that will be required when ...
  • ... you will try to download the file on your mobile from http://euploader.com/wap/index.php
Once the file is downloaded, installation starts on your mobile!

Download WeCash!

Please fill the form and download WeCash! program file for your mobile:



User Documentation

When WeCash is started for the first time, it loads a default session which name is displayed in the title bar.

Let’s create a new session!
  1. Select "Sessions" in the main menu to open the session list.
  2. Select "Add session" from the session list.
  3. Indicate the session name and save.

Let’s add our friends!
  1. Select the “Users” menu, to open the user list.
  2. Select “Add a user” from the user list.
  3. Do that for all your friends.
It is not mandatory to add all users before the session starts: you can add users later, WeCash will handle the computation of their share correctly.

Let’s add an expense!

You can create an expense either from the Expense list or from the User list menu. When the expense form opens, you can see two groups of peoples: the creditors, indicating who paid and how much, and the debitors, indicating who is supposed to pay this expense. That’s the way to store debts in the group!
Example: You can simplify paying in the restaurant by paying for (but not inviting) all your friend. In this case, you are the creditor, and everybody is debitor (including yourself, since you also ate there!) Example: You can pay for the fuel of your friends' car without using their car. It's like lending money to a part of your group. In this case you are creditor but you are not debitor since your not using what has been bought.

Now we can add an expense:
  1. Select “Add an expense” from the user or the expense list.
  2. Set the expense name (and optionally its date).
  3. Select the creditor for this expense, and indicate how much he payed (you may also store several creditors if several people payed).
  4. Since the total credits and total debits must be equal, WeCash provides shortcuts for defining debitors:
  • Share the expense equally with all people from the group (let’s say Clément payed fuel that must be counted for everybody)
  • Share the expense equally with a subgroup of people (let’s say Clément payed fuel that must be counted for those who share the same car) Warning! If the creditor also pays for his participation, he should be picked up in the list.
  • Specify a custom share.
The two first options are very usefull since you don’t have to calculate anything by yourself. If you select custom share, keep in mind that the sum of credits must be equal to the sum of debits. Once you’re done, the expense form shows the summary. Click save, and your expense will be stored.

The expense will be available from the user that where implied in: if you check Clément’s profile, you will notice that the “Fuel” expense is in the list of credits (for the paid amount) AND in the debits (for its actual participation).

Let's reimburse everybody!

What you really want to know is: at the end of the holidays week, who should get money back from others, and who owes money to the group?!
The User list give you an immediate view of anybody's share since it provides the balance of each user:
  • a positive balance indicates that the user must get money back from the group
  • a negative balance indicates that the user must give money back to the group

WeCash! Christmas Edition 2008 available!

As a present for you, let me release this early version of WeCash! Simply download the Java program, that may be installed on any mobile phone supporting Java (i.e. allmost all phones).

Some more information (documentation) will come later. Do not hesitate to report any bug at martin [dot] pernollet [at] gmail [dot] com!

WeCash! has been successfully tested on several Nokia phones (N95, Navigator, etc). Some more test reports will come later. You are kindly invited to tell me more on your experience on other phones!

Happy Christmas, happy WeCash!


WeCash! A shared-accounting software.

Have you ever spent hours counting the debts of all your friends who spent one week of vacation with you? Have you ever been bored to count all the shared expenses with your roommates? Finally, did you ever dream of a simple tool for managing all your expenses made within a group of people?

WeCash! is very simple piece of software that runs on mobile phones, and that solves all issues related to sharing expenses in your communities.

WeCash! allows you to:
  • store all your shared expenses.
  • have a constantly up-to-date balance for all participants.
  • handle several groups of people.
Shortly said, WeCash! is a cool tool for getting rid of balancing participants of your communities:
  • no need to keep track of several paper sheets with contradictory content, WeCash! stores all expenses in a single place!
  • no need to make complicated calculation, WeCash! simply tells who has a debt, and who has a credit in a community!
  • no need to discuss during hours if amounts are correct, WeCash! is a software that does no mistake!
WeCash! is now available as alpha version. Just download it for free from the menu!